// Car Fun//

He had picked me up right after work. My husband was away for 3 more days and we were going to spend 2 of those days in bed.
He is my newest Black boyfriend. Ken is 32 6’2 about 200 pounds, shaved head and caramel skin. I met him at a company function . He worked at another office and I was struck by his personality and hot looks.
That night we met I knew where it would lead, he was single with a hotel room. My husband was away (again).
The first night was pure animal passion. Sex in almost every position, oral, anal, 69 , it was endless. We made plans for his next visit that night.
So here I was traveling to a small bed and breakfast with him. I was anxious to get there because I wanted him badly. I looked over at him as he drove and saw his cock outlined in his jeans. Limp it looked almost halfway down his thigh.
 I reached over and caressed it, he smiled and held my hand there. I decided I wanted to taste his cum and began unbuckling his pants. Hi beautiful Black dick was hard by the time I had his pants down and I took him quickly in my mouth. I sucked him like I was starving, licking his shaft, sucking his balls fingering his ass hole.
He pushed down on my head and began fucking my mouth hard . I wanted him to fill my mouth and throat and went down deep on him. I could feel his balls tighten and knew he was almost there. I went down harder and harder as he fucked my mouth. He exploded down my throat and kept spurting as I swallowed every hot sweet drop. As I licked him clean I looked at him and said ” you need to pull over and fuck me NOW!”